4 Ways of Being Happier in Life

4 Ways of Being Happier in Life

As we progress through life, happiness seems to become increasingly distant. We desperately look for ways to feel good and be happier, and fail to realize that we don’t need to look any further than within ourselves to be at peace. As clichéd as that sounds, we develop some unhealthy thinking habits that get in the way of that realization. How can we change that? Here are some habits through which we can change our perceptions and arrive at the simple truth: we don’t need to achieve happiness, we just need to discover it within ourselves.

The choice of thought

We are taught to think and behave in ways that other people around us usually do, and then we just make a habit out of that. We can choose to disengage from that habit and make choices that are truly ours. Allow yourself to see yourself having a thought. See what it is driving you to do and then choose again. And this is a habit to cultivate so keep practicing it.

Is there a difference between joy and happiness?

We usually confuse the head rush of joy with happiness. Happiness is more about being calm and content. It’s a state of calm that allows us to choose for ourselves, without being overwhelmed by joy or sorrow. Observe the rush of joy and the calm of happiness. Associating happiness with that hit will just keep you chasing it. Focus on achieving that calm.

It’s not easy to come to these realizations. Fortunately there are ways in which we can keep nudging our brains in that direction.


1.     Exercising

Being Happier - Exercise

There’s nothing like exercise to get that “feel good” feeling going. Establishing an exercise routine can be really empowering. Your body releases endorphins as a result and you feel great.

2.     Misery loves company

Being Happier - Misery loves company

The company you keep really affects the way you feel about yourself and your reality. Sometimes we need to realize that some people are not healthy for us. If being around somebody is constantly resulting in you feeling inadequate about yourself, it’s time to consider some distance.

3.     One step at a time

Being Happier - One step at a time

Sometimes the list of things that you need to do never seems to end. You feel overwhelmed and in the end, nothing gets done. So focus on one thing at a time, and get that done. Nothing succeeds like success.

4.     Morning

Being Happier - Morning

The way you feel in the morning can pretty much color how you feel during the entire day. So take care of your mornings. Begin the day with exercise, or feel-good music or whatever works for you. A good morning usually leads to a good day.


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