About Brian Junyor

About Brian Junyor

Brian JunyorHi, I’m Brian Junyor, a firm believer in the idea of forming habits over setting goals. We all get to where we are going by doing things over and over, getting better each time.  This is true of work, play, love, and life.  I am a co-conspirator in your decision to commit to making those tiny incremental gains that lead to big success.  I am about drawing out the very best in you and offering you a framework on which you can authentically reflect about what is actually true for you and what you want out of life.  My intention is to deliver a purposeful conversation that inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and become a better, faster, sharper version of yourself.

Habits and Desires

If your habits don’t match your desires, you’re doomed to live a life of self-inflicted stress.  Learning to align your routines with what you truly want to accomplish in life brings about balance and peace.  Our egos, ideas of self-worth, and need to achieve cloud our judgement about what is important.  Only you can decide what matters most, but once you do … I challenge you to take a long look at how your habits align with your desires.

Life is sometimes messy, sometimes it is hard, and sometimes it can all come on too fast.  Having a framework for processing the thoughts about your life is essential for leading an enlightened existence.  You can treat the symptoms by adopting behaviors, good or bad, such as meditation or medication.  However, if you haven’t done a self-study to align your habits and desires, you’re just delaying that cycle of stress.

The Framework

We are what we choose to think about.  Those thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, and actions lead to outcomes.  If you’re not happy where you are, find your way to refocus.

Just for today, let go of your anger and worry, show gratitude, work diligently and with purpose, and choose to be kind to those around you.

Assume good intent, the past doesn’t equal the future, no one is broken and no one needs to be fixed, everything is achievable, and responsibility is empowering.

Brian Junyor is a believer, a marketing technologist, a conservationist, and a tech enthusiast.  Brian loves new ideas and forward thinkers while valuing the tried and true wisdom of the past.