Reasons Behind Your Decreased Productivity

Reasons Behind Your Decreased Productivity

Decreased productivity is not a good omen for anyone.  With the decline in your productivity level, you can face some serious consequences at your workplace.  Annual appraisals may not fulfill your wishes.  Your relationship with your supervisor or boss can become strained.  Or worst case, you’ll get demoted due to the downward inclination of your productivity.

Workplace Productivity

If you are worried about your decreased productivity levels at the workplace, look into the reasons that are causing it.  The following are some of the factors that might be behind your decreased productivity.

Lack of Supervision

It is part of our nature that many of us tend to work more efficiently under diligent supervision.  Having no or improper supervision can be the reason behind your decreased productivity.  When you are not answerable to anyone, then complacency starts to take its place in your work ethos.  That lack of communication can ultimately result in decreased productivity.  Share your concerns with management, especially if your work output is affected.

Having a Comfort Zone

Comfort zone is mental space that you create by limiting yourself to do only those tasks that you are comfortable performing.  And conversely evading all those tricky and challenging chores that will need you to step out from your comfort zone.  Without breaching your comfort zone, you will remain at the plateau of your growth.  With time you will experience a drop in your productivity.

Lack of Dedication and Commitment

Working just to get a paycheck and paying your bills can cost you in the long run.  Because having only those reasons to work in any workplace can result in the lack of dedication and commitment.  Doing your job just for the sake of doing it becomes laborious for you and it will also not help you in achieving the desired productivity.

Poor Communication

Having poor communication can also be the reason behind your stagnant productivity levels.  Communication with your co-workers, managers and immediate supervisors is as important as anything else in the workplace.  If you can’t share the complexities of any given task with your supervisor, then it will make your productivity levels suffer.  Likewise, if you aren’t able to share your ideas with your boss then it is impossible for you to materialize them to increase your productivity

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